Your ultimate companion
for experiencing the Big Pour

  • Insider access to the list of brewers and restaurants that will be participating
  • Interactive map for finding your favorite vendors
  • Rate your favorites and decide the Best of the Fest
  • Curated "tours" of the event
  • Receive live notifications during the event

New Redesign

We've redesigned the app to make it simpler, more useful, and easier to rate items while you're at the event

All New Event Map

A new interactive event map to helps you find that beer or food your looking for even faster

Curated Tours

A first this year - we've grouped various food and drink by taste, location, and more - try something you might not have

Push Notifications

The new Big Pour app will be used to communicate with you on the day of the event, keeping you updated instantaneously


Answers to some questions you may have...

What does the app cost?

Just like previous years, the application is free! You'll need a Big Pour Ticket to get into the event, however. (They usually go on sale a month before the event)

When will the app be available to download?

We are planning on releasing the application when public ticket sales go live. Check back around that time to download your copy

How can I get help using the app?

We will have a support booth for you to visit this year at the event. Find us in the middle of the main hall for assistance.

Can I disable push notifications?

Yes - you may use your device's settings to disable push notifications for the app, however, you will not be notified of events during each session.

Do I need to sign up for anything?

This year the sign up process is instantaneous. Downloading the app will create your account; in the future we'll add features to allow you to add your email, and other information for retrieving your account.

Are the items I rate, and my ratings, public?

No. No one but you can see your individual ratings; the top ten list however, will use the ratings from everyone at the event to compile overall ratings for each item.

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